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Growth Leader

RemoteUnited States, New York, Brooklyn

Job description

Senders | Remote

Hey there!

Thanks for your interest in continuing the contracting process.

We'd want to provide some context for this video stage before getting into the questions. Our goal at this point is to obtain a better sense of your personality. We've been asked before why we don't do this via a short 'screening' call. Our reason? Scheduling these calls could keep you waiting, depending on our team's availability. For this reason, we've tried to balance out a smooth process with learning a little more via video.

Some tips about your video: it's okay to be nervous! But we're not looking for a Hollywood production. The important thing is to be comfortable that your personality is coming through.

As a Growth Leader, your job will be to help devise and execute strategies to raise awareness of our offerings. Your goal will be to attract users, and potential customers along the sales funnel until they become loyal brand champions through a growth marketing strategy that reaches all sales levels, from awareness to acquisition, activation, and retention, all the way to revenue and referrals.

Word is already getting out and we are already growing fast – ~500% growth in the last 12 months – but we’ve just scratched the surface and need your help taking us even farther.

  • Do you know a lot about the startup founder experience?

  • Do you know a lot about the funding journey?

  • Do you have a sense of what a company needs to do after they’ve raised their Seed round to get ready for their Series A?

  • Do you know the role of angel investors, accelerators, early-stage VCs?

  • Do you have a sense of the differences in challenges, mentality, and team makeup of a company that raised a $1M seed round versus one that raised $3M?

  • Or how about a company that just raised a $12M Series A?

If you’re not nodding *vigorously* then this opportunity is probably not right for you.

This job is perfect for a creative growth marketer with a knack for combining content creation, educational outreach, partnership development, and lead generation. We will arm you with a budget, resources (design, copywriting, etc), ad management talent, and free reign to experiment a ton. We have a lot of ideas of things we think might work— but ultimately you get to decide what to try and in what order.


  • Prioritize Revenue

  • Acquire New Customers Efficiently.

  • Retain Current Customers.

  • Creating and updating creative content.

  • Planning, optimizing, and scaling paid ad campaigns & email campaigns.

  • Building effective and engaging referral programs.

  • Analyzing the overall sales funnel impact and making adjustments where necessary.

Job requirements

  • 2+ years of related experience.
  • Demonstrates technology proficiency.

  • Advanced analytics skills.

  • Proficient or native English with impressive executive presence, written and exceptional interpersonal communication skills (to be tested during the interview).